Applications and Uses of Triacetin

Applications and Uses of Triacetin

Triacetin is a triester of glycerol widely used as emulsifier in food and beverage industries. As a food additive, Triacetin can be used in a wide variety of industries including: food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and various other industries.

Triacetin in Food Production
Triacetin is widely used as humectant, emlusifier, binder in food production.

As plasticizer: in gum to plasticize.
As leavening agents: in baked food to promote fermentation.
As emulsifier: in dairy product to promote emulsification.

Triacetin in Beverage
Triacetin is widely used as emulsifier, flavor enhancer in beverage.
As emulsifier, flavor enhancer: in beverage industries to enhance flavor and promote emulsification.

Triacetin in Pharmaceutical
Triacetin is widely used as Antifungal agents, plasticizers in Pharmaceutical.

As Antifungal agents: in drugs to inhibit fungus.
As plasticizer: in capsule shell to plastify.

Triacetin in Cosmetics
Triacetin is widely used as humectant, plasticizer in Cosmetics.

As humectant, plasticizer: in cosmetic to maintain moisture.
As plasticizer: in nail polish to plastify.

Triacetin in Agriculture/Animal Feed
Not enough is known about application of Triacetin in Agriculture/Animal Feed.

Triacetin in Other Industries
Triacetin is widely used as binder in various other industries.

As binder: in cigarette filters to plasticize and solidify.This application file is based on limited review of  Zhonglan Industry Co.,Ltd. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Triacetin or want to report new applications of Triacetin to us.