Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) (C9H14O6), also known as glyceryl triacetate, is pharmaceutical excipient used in manufacturing of capsules and tablets, and has been used as a humectant, plasticizer, and solvent. It is a liquid, and has been approved by the FDA as a food additive. Triacetin is a water-soluble short-chain triglyceride that may also have a role as a parenteral nutrient according to animal studies. It is also used in the perfume and cosmetic industries.

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More about Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

CAS No: 102-76-1
Chemical Name: Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)
Synonyms: Glycerol triacetate; Glyceryl triacetate; Glyped; Kesscoflex TRA; Triacetine; Vanay; Glycerol triacetate tributyrin; Triacetyl glycerine; Propane-1,2,3-triyl triacetate;



Molecular Formula: C9H14O6
Molecular Weight: 218.2
Physical State: clear oily liquid
ASSAY ASAsSAY 99.0% min
ACIDITY 0.01% max
COLOR , APHA 10 max
Water Solubility: slightly soluble in ether,carbon disulfide and water; readily soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and most organic solvents.; insoluble in benzene.
NFPA RATINGS Health: 1 Flammability: 1 Reactivity: 0
STABILITY Stable under ordinary conditions


Specification of Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)Industry grade:

Item Unit Standard Test Method
Appearance Clear liquid, free from suspended matter Visual
Odour Smellless Smelling
Triacetin Content ≥98.5 GC
Colour Hazen ≤30 GB/T3143-1982
Refraction Index (20℃) 1.430~1.435 GB/T6488-2008
Specific Gravity(20℃) g/ml 1.154~1.164 GB/T4472-1984
Water % ≤0.2 GB/T6283-2008
Acidity (as HAC) % ≤0.1 GB/T12717

Specification of Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) food grade:

Items Specifications Inspection Results
Appearance Clear liquid, free from suspended matter Clear liquid, free from suspended matter
Acidity(As HAC) % ≤0.005 0.0024
Purity% ≥99.5 99.80
Moisture% ≤0.05 0.023
Color (Hazen) ≤15 8
Specific Gravity 20℃(g/ml) 1.154-1.164 1.1596
Refraction Index 20℃ 1.430-1.435 1.4308
Sulphated Ash% ≤0.02 0.0096
As (ppm) ≤1 <1
Heavy Metals (as Pb)(ppm) ≤5 <1
Conclusion: The test results conforms with EP7.0 and FCCA6.

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) MSDS

click here to download MSDS of Triacetin(PDF file)

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) Industry grade applications

1.Used as core sand binder in metal foundry sector.

2.Used as solvent in printing inks.

3.Used as a highly effective plasticizer for cellulose-based plastics.

4.Used as solvent in building wall coating

Triacetin applications in Industry

Triacetin applications in Industry

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) food grade applications:

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Food Production

 Triacetin is widely used as humectant, emlusifier, binder in food production.

As plasticizer: in gum to plasticize.

As leavening agents: in baked food to promote fermentation.

As emulsifier: in dairy product to promote emulsification.

Triacetin applications in food production

Triacetin applications in food production

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Cigarette filters

Triacetin is widely used for Cigarette filter production.

As Bonding plasticizers for cigarette filters of cellulose acetate fibers

triacetin used in cigarettes filter

triacetin used in cigarettes filter

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Beverage

Triacetin is widely used as emulsifier, flavor enhancer in beverage.

As emulsifier, flavor enhancer: in beverage industries to enhance flavor and promote emulsification.

Triacetin applications in Beverage

Triacetin applications in Beverage

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Pharmaceutical

Triacetin is widely used as Antifungal agents, plasticizers in Pharmaceutical.

As Antifungal agents: in drugs to inhibit fungus.

As plasticizer: in capsule shell to plastify.

Triacetin applications in Pharmaceutical

Triacetin applications in Pharmaceutical

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Cosmetics

Triacetin is widely used as humectant, plasticizer in Cosmetics.

As humectant, plasticizer: in cosmetic to maintain moisture.

As plasticizer: in nail polish to plastify.

Triacetin appication in Cosmetics

Triacetin appication in Cosmetics

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Agriculture/Animal Feed

Not enough is known about application of Triacetin in Agriculture/Animal Feed.

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) in Other Industries

 Triacetin is widely used as binder in various other industries.

As binder: in cigarette filters to plasticize and solidify.

Package of Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

For package: 240kg/drum and 1150kg/IBC drum, 25Tons/ISO TANK



Transportation of Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

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Triacetin transport

Triacetin transport

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