What is the Triacetin use for ?

Triacetin in cigarettes filter

Triacetin in cigarettes filter

The triglyceride 1,2,3-triacetoxypropane is more generally known as triacetin and glycerin triacetate.It is the triester of glycerol and acetic acid, and is the second simplest fat after triformin.

Triacetin can be used as plasticizers of cellulose resin and a vinyl copolymer. It can also be used to make cigarette filters, provide good flexibility, air permeability and suitable hardness. In a 1994 report released by five top cigarette companies, triacetin was listed as one of the 599 cigarette additives. The triacetin is applied to the filter as a plasticizer. Also it can be used as a solvent and carrying agent in the pharmaceutical industry. In perfume industry, it is used as solvent and fixative.
Triacetin is a component of casting liquor with TG and as an excipient in pharmaceutical products where it is used as a humectant, a plasticizer, and as a solvent.It is an commonly used as a food additive, for instance as a solvent in flavourings, and for its humectant function, with E number E1518 and Australian approval code A1518. Triacetin can also be used as a fuel additive as an antiknock agent which can reduce engine knocking in gasoline, and to improve cold and viscosity properties of biodiesel.

It has been considered as a possible source of food energy in artificial food regeneration systems on long space missions. It is believed to be safe to get over half of one’s dietary energy from triacetin

To sum up, the triacetin can use for as follows:

1. Component of casting liquor used as a plasticizer and solvent;

2. Food additive as humectant;

3. Plasticizer applied to the cigarette filter;

4. Flavor and essence fixative and lubricate in cosmetics;

5. Recipient in pharmaceutical products as a humectant, a plasticzer and a solvent;

6. Fuel additive as an antiknock agent which can reduce engine knocking in gasoline;

7. Fuel additive to improve cold flow and viscosity properties of biodiesel.