Zhonglan Industry 2018 Development Training Project Diary

This is the 10th expansion training held by our company since its establishment. I think this expansion training is quite successful. We are excited together, laughing together, reflecting together…

A total of 31 people participated in the expansion training, including company executives, office managers and staff, key personnel in the workshop and some warehouse personnel. Expanded location: Nanhai Jinsha Tongda Training Base.

At 8:45 in the morning, with excitement, tension and eagerness, we took the bus together and headed straight to the destination. In the car, the manager of the HR department gave us a brief summary of the main points of this expansion: “First of all, the purpose of this expansion training is to exercise our team’s ability to collaborate, communicate and handle; second In the morning, after a lunch lunch, I will continue to accept more challenging training. In the evening, we will be engaged in wild games and the program is quite rich. Finally, the point is that this expansion is the first. To correct your own mentality, let go of your body, and focus on participation, we must understand that we are a team, and each of us is a member of the team.” In the car, we also sang songs. Because the distance is close, we quickly arrived at the destination.

Picking up us is a medium-sized, dark-skinned instructor with no buildings around the training ground. It feels wilder. Through the trail, we came to one of the training venues, a red banner was prominently displayed in front of it, with a few bold characters on it – “in the wheat field, the same dream”, this is our slogan. Looking far to the left, there are already some company employees training there, shouting slogans loudly, the atmosphere is different.

To the first thing in the training ground, the instructor sent us a set of camouflage uniforms (short-sleeved tops, wide and loose trousers, plus a hard belt). Soon, we changed into military uniforms. It felt like when we returned to the military training of the university, the youthful vitality came back, huh, huh… the mood was really different.

In ten minutes, we divided 31 people into two groups. Each group set up a captain, a captain assistant (mainly responsible for taking the team flag), and a minister (collecting safety, health, logistics, etc., and several positions). Each created a team name, team number (slogan), team song (a brief lyrics). The two teams are: the first team – the Mai Lang team, whose slogan is: solidarity and mutual assistance, passionate Mai Lang, team song is the climax part of “Tomorrow will be better”; the second team is our team – to the force team, the slogan is : Unity and assistance, to force the wheat field, our team song is the climax part of “The Moon Bend to Kyushu”. Within ten minutes, we set up two teams. The instructor said: “The assistant captain must keep his team’s flag, the flag is in the person, the flag is down.” The audience laughed. Then, we carried out the morale boost, the instructor said: “You teammates, good morning!” Then we shouted: “Good (while raising our right hand to the upper right), I am flying, YES!” Tried several times The sound is louder and the morale is gradually boosting.

Then there is the beginning of the event…

The first game – “instructor said.”

The rules of the game: When you hear a sentence with the words “instructor say” in front of you, you have to make the corresponding action. When there is no “instructor” in front of the sentence, you can’t do the action. . At the same time, when the game starts, there will be a “teacher said: the game begins”, when the game is over, it will also prompt “instructor said: the game is over.”

We split into two horizontal rows and sit cross-legged. The instructor began to speak: “The instructor said that the game started. The instructor said, raise your left hand (at this time we raise the left hand accordingly). Raise your right hand again. (At this point we also lifted us quickly. The right hand) After the action was made, the whole audience laughed at once. Many of our players just woke up and fouled themselves because there was no “instructor” in front of the sentence. With the first awareness, we should be smarter. Wu instructor said: “The first time the whole army was annihilated (the whole audience hilarious).” The game continues and the instructor says that the game begins. The instructor said, raise your left and right (we raise our left hand). The instructor said, raise your right hand again (we raise our right hand). Clap once (we clap). “This time we were completely annihilated…. The game entered the eighth round. We were all over the army. Then the instructor asked us to discuss the countermeasures first. Some players said, “We just need to concentrate on the three words behind the instructor. In other words, the other team said, “We don’t want to see this instructor’s gesture. He will mislead us. We can try to close our eyes and listen. At the same time, we should not worry.” The ninth round begins. Wu instructor continued: The instructor said, raise your left hand. The instructor said, raise your right hand again. The instructor said that the high-five. The instructor said that the high-five twice. The instructor said that the high-five three times. The instructor said, put your hand down (this When the audience was relieved.) Give yourself applause (we applause loudly). It was once again annihilated, because our game is not over yet. Wu instructor said: “In the history of our training, the highest historical record is Seventeen times passed, do you want to break this record? “Our team members said with full morale: “Don’t.” Finally, at the tenth time, we won. Only heard the applause ringing in the ear.

The instructor asked: “This is simple and simple (our answer is simple), but it is not easy to do simple things. At the beginning, our team members are not focused enough if one of our team members pay attention to it. A little bit concentrated, our team is very easy to annihilate. If all of us focus our attention and do simple things well, our company is not simple. At work, we often encounter such things. A lot of things, we think it’s very simple, but is it really?? Let’s go back and think about it.” The instructor’s words, telling some of the company’s common problems, it is indeed like this. The feeling of nine times of failure in exchange for a victory, the feeling is not the same, but in the work, is it more than nine times ten times so simple?

The second game – “say and do”

The rules of the game: all the players are separated by men and women, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with the instructor as the center, forming a circle. The first time, the instructor said, what do you say, and do the same thing; the second time, the instructor said, you will say the opposite, but also do it; the third time, the instructor said, how do you say But the opposite is true; the fourth time, the instructor said, you will say the opposite, but the action is consistent with what the instructor said.

The instructor asked: “All the players are ready (yes: ready), the first time, the instructor said, how do you say. All the players jumped to the left (we followed and shouted), then jumped to the left, Take a step to the right and jump one step forward. This time we jumped very smoothly and the circle was not deformed. The game continues, “The second time, the instructor said, you will say the opposite, but also do it. At this time, many players start to feel a bit difficult. But it is OK.”, to the third and fourth At that time, we began to mess up, I don’t know how to do it, how to say it, I can’t figure out the direction, I can’t tell the difference between the front and back, and the whole circle is not decent.

After the game, the instructor asked: “Everyone thinks that it is more difficult (the answer is: the last two), why? What is the harvest from this game? Very fun? Overwhelmed?” One team member said, “Team coordination Not good enough,” another team member said, “because it is not the same as doing it.” “Yes, it’s because of the inconsistency in what we said. Of course, we are just a simple game, jumping out of the game. I can imagine that if you are in a company or a company, everyone is saying that one set is done, and there is no real say. If you fall into the real place, what will happen to the company? The grassroots employees see that the upper-level leaders are all talking about one set, what do they think? Of course, it’s not about how our company is, just hope that everyone can understand this. One reason, because everyone is a member of the company, only by working together can we do a good job.” Everyone has bowed his head, a thoughtful expression.

Throughout the morning, we played a lot of games, such as: “tossing game” (game specifications: props: a ball, a pad with eight long ropes (for padding), the team divided into two groups Therefore, the team members must go together and win the most time in the group within the time limit. It is mainly a process of training how an organization cooperates and how to communicate. If you play this game, everyone is doing it. Yours, I am doing my, the pace is not coordinated, can only be a mess, it is difficult to achieve good results.), “jumping rabbit dance” (this rabbit dance is different from our usual gameplay, it is divided into childhood Period, adolescence, maturity, one time than the difficulty of one action, the whole game is not fun. This game is related to each period of our company’s growth.), “Information transmission” (Game rules: all players are surrounded A circle, men and women are separated, hand in hand, close your eyes, can’t talk, the instructor starts to send an action from the hands of a player, and then pass in. This game and the internal information of the company

I spent the whole morning happily. I have the joy of winning and the reflection of my lessons. I believe that everyone has got what they want in the game.

After lunch, our training continued at 13:15 pm. The instructor said, “Look first, after a morning, how is the state, ‘you teammates, everyone good afternoon'”, everyone seems to have not reacted, and said for a while: “Good (lifting the right hand), I am flying, YES! “Everyone laughed. The instructor went on to say, “It seems that everyone’s state is average, but after that, there will be more exciting games waiting for you, so that you are absolutely awake (everyone seems to have moved).

Next, we played two or three games, “Plum Blossom Blossoms Game” (this is a very funny game, mainly the last lost show, after the game, everyone is still laughing Some laughed and tears flowed out.) “Desert Island Survival” (Game Specifications: There are three desert islands, one called the Isle of the Blind (the people on the island are invisible), and the other is called the Humanity (on the island). People can’t talk.) One is called Pearl Island (the people on this island are normal people). Each island has its own game specifications and requirements. The island and the island are far away, making gestures and yelling. I can’t hear that the people of Pearl Island need to save the people of the blind island and the dumb island to Pearl Island, use a long wooden board to make the boat, and the tools are placed on the side of the blind island, … a rescue process. This game mainly teaches us how to communicate and collaborate at the upper and lower levels, compare the blind island personnel to the basic staff, the personnel of the dumb island to the middle-level cadres, and the personnel of the Pearl Island are the senior leaders. This game is discussed by our team members.

After a short break, a very exciting game is about to begin – “high-altitude broken bridge”, everyone’s mood is surging.

The instructor said: “This is a very challenging action. In the high air, the moment you jump, how to adjust your mentality, how to overcome your psychology, cross this step, you can say, you will step out of life. A big step, everyone dare not to challenge (men shouted: dare)? Is there confidence in conquering (men shouting: yes)?” Going to the high-altitude training venue, I looked up and had a little bit of foot Soft. At an altitude of more than ten meters, there is one over the other, and the span should have more than 1 meter. Other female players said that I didn’t jump, it was terrible. Our team’s younger sister took the lead, she was very courageous. After taking safety measures, she began to climb high-altitude step by step. When she stood on the springboard, the people below us cheered for her. I don’t know her at this moment. What was the mood, silent for a while, only to see the little girl started a jump, over, skipped, we are still scared and scared for her, caught a sweat. As soon as we got down, we immediately asked her about her mood. She said, “It’s a little scary at first, because the span looks great, but I keep telling myself, telling myself, very small, a jump has passed. “But I still feel very scared.” But since it has arrived, I will challenge myself. Several people went up in succession. The following players are equally excited. I have the courage to wear a safety helmet and fasten my safety rope. The fifth one is my turn. In the process of climbing up, I was really shaking, as if I had to experience any life and death. Standing at high altitude, I hold the pillars, I always refuse to let go, I dare not step out, I look at the opposite side, my heart seems to want to jump out. How to do? After a while, I am not very willing to step out, afraid, really scared. The only colleagues I heard below shouted. Calm down, I hint at myself, I can do it, I can do it. My right foot tried to boast a step forward and retracted. “Come on, others can do it, why can’t you, as long as you are brave, you can, be brave, take that step.” I keep suggesting myself. No matter how much, decided to jump. Steps slowly go forward, 1, 2, 3, the foot can not help but force out, I actually jumped over, at that moment, tears want to fall, excited, happy or … down to the ground, the feet are still It’s a bit soft, but after that psychological war, it seems like a sudden opening. Then there are other players…

The instructor said: “Do you feel that you are very strong, and you are very happy to overcome yourself!” In fact, it is really scary, but if I let me come again, I will be more brave, because, tried, I know, myself I can do it, but it’s not as difficult as I thought. If I overcome it, I will succeed.

In addition, this challenge also made me understand the truth. I can overcome difficulties. With the support of teammates and their encouragement, I have bravely stepped out of this step. Here, I want to say the most: thank you. We! In the same way, in the process of work, if we are all isolated, without the assistance, support, understanding, and work of our colleagues, it is very difficult to carry out the work. The best idea is also empty talk.

The last activity was a challenge to oneself and one part to overcome oneself. Next, we continued to accept the challenge of higher difficulty, group combat, and over the height of more than four meters (the instructor told us that it was a “success wall”). There are no tools, only our team.

The instructor asked: “This team needs to have a general commander, a voluntary principle, and the upper level leader can’t. 10 seconds, stand up.” After a while, a male player stood up. Then, the instructor told us about the rules of the activity. “One, all the team members are not allowed to go to the wall. The second is the way to handle the hand (and then we have a demonstration). Third, the whole process is not allowed to speak, only the commander A person can talk (because when the lower-level players wait for the baseman, if they can’t bear it, we can’t hear them, it’s easy to get into trouble.) If you violate any of these rules, the whole event will come back. Your own team will set a Time standard.”

We began to be the base of the base, the general commander made arrangements, who is on the first floor, who is on the second floor, who is on the first, who is on, after the personnel are fixed, the challenge begins. For the first time, I crossed the past and the second went up. The instructor said very seriously: “Stop. Do you know why stop? (Answer: Someone spoke), do you think that the people below are so good? If you go up, they will have to bear the weight of more than one hundred kilograms. Do you think it is fun? Do you have any feelings about your team members?” The players did not say anything. After a while, the challenge continues. Go up one, go on one, and the third one. The instructor has spoken: stop. (Because the way the third person went up violated the rules), I don’t know if I can let you continue, and then come back after the end, knowing why you are not stopping. It seems that in this company, you only know how to ask for it, and you have thought about yourself. Have you thought about other people? Have you thought about the following to help you go up? Very fun, is it? If you feel that you can’t do it, you can choose to give up, burn your team flag, and then leave. And we can have an example in our training history. Three teams have failed before. Do you want to be the fourth? The players shouted, “I don’t want to, we have to conquer.” After the adjustment, many players were seen, their concentration was concentrated, their expressions, expressions, and morale were different, as if the environment around them was changing. The challenge continued. One, two, three, … what to do, what to do, everyone is very clear about what they want to do, very conscious, because we are convinced that we have goals, we can’t do it, we can succeed In the end, we were victorious, and all the players successfully climbed, “5 minutes and 29 seconds”, completely beyond the standard time we gave ourselves.

After cheering, we were in a circle and sat down in the same place. The instructor said, “Please list the players on the bottom and the second floor (they stand in the middle). In the process of working, on the road of growth, we or More or less help from others, you can say that you are stepping over the shoulders of others, even their parents have not tried to step on their shoulders, do you feel tired and painful? Then we should How do you thank them in one way?” All the players were in the middle, hugged together, such a hug, moved, really moved, the female players, all tears, male players, reflected the brothers concentric. Such a true love hug, let us see a team that unites and cooperates, saw a heart-to-heart team and saw a team with flesh and blood. At that time, I really wanted to cry out. I believe that everyone’s mood is also like this. Reflecting on oneself and reflecting on their usual life and work, why not?

A photo taken, leaving the end of our day’s expansion training.

In the evening, we had a picnic dinner (the men who found the wheat field cooked a lot of food, the boss also personally cooked, made the color and fragrance, the variety of colors, everyone gathered together, the training ended successfully.

Unspeakable feelings, unspeakable feelings, thank the company for providing such a good opportunity for us, and hope that the players who participated in the competition can play their own specialties and have some responsibility to make the real use of this expansion. In our daily work, we are doing our best for the company. I will always remember this day.